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1- Studio Renot

2- Recent Works by Renot

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4- Artists' Portraits : The Permanents

5- Special Salvador Dali

6- Large Size Decorating

7- The “RENOT” European Artists Catalog
     (Direct Studio Sales)

8- Antique Furniture

9- Curiosities:
     - Napoleon's Mask, Napoleonic weapons
     - Old print

     - Drawings by Benjamin Rabier,

          Creator of The Laughing Cow logo
          (Giclée reproductions available)

10 - Tapestries

11 - The Grand Masters

12 - The Tondos

13 - For RENOT's Collectors and friends

..... 14 - Past Events

...... France..... U.S.A.

...... 15 - Future Events

...... France..... U.S.A.

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Studio Renot / Museum

Renot's converted barn

Renot’s Studio/Museum in France ...














































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